10/30 New Video: Furries-290 Friday Romp


10/23 Update & Coming Soon

Coming Soon: Capturing In-Game Video w/ Virtualdub

Where Furryness and Real Life Meet.

Ya know, whatever it is that you desire you'll find that you always have to work towards that goal no matter how silly or weird the goal seems to be. Furries are no different.  Just the very honor of wearing a suit that looks like your character requires a lot of patience with yourself and the effort to match.  One could say that even a clown is serious about clowning. There are always needs for materials and services which don't provided themselves without any cost so you have to work those tedious jobs to provide the means to acquire all the things you need just so you can be and appear as a furry.

The bottom line is you need to have that thing called a "real life" to even started hopping after your fuzzy endeavors.  You need money, materials, and most importantly, the will to invest in yourself which is really hard when you're first starting out.

This part of the internet here is my little corner with many of the more serious thoughts and ideas floating around in my squeaky little head. In here, you'll find my blogs of brainstorming, current project I'm working to complete and page full or reference material pointing to archives of handy stuff to help further your fursuiting agenda.  Lastly, you may find a little raw psychology diving into the deep questions about what it means to be furry and many of the up's, down's, and challenges of just being furry in general.