Making a Fursuit Head for Less

The most popular method towards making a head for a fursuit is to glue a few sheets of foam together into one block and carve it down to the shape of the head.  While it is common, it does present its own unique challenges. While with time they become easier to overcome, foam is not the most economical option especially if you plan on making multiple heads.  Rapid trips to the foam store can get costly.  Lastly, foam is not always the best if you're looking for something that breathes well.  Unless you got some fans in there and some very well planned out ventilation, you can easily roast in a foam head.

A local friend and furiend of mine has been using a different technique for many years now and has finally drawn up a very simple tutorial creating heads out of 12 gauge wire and plastic canvasF (the kind used in knit crafts).  You'll need the following materials and tools  in order pull this off:

  1. 12 gauge wire (found in the hardware department, not electrical)
  2. Sheets of clear and black plastic canvas (mostly clear, need black for the eyes)
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Pliers w/ a wire cutting tool at the base of the mouth
  5. Zip ties (this holds the mesh and wire together)
These next few links you can print out for reference but please leave the credit to whom is due: Flinters

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4

Again, you can find plastic canvas at any crafting store. When looking for the wire at a hardware store, ask for "12 gauge" or "galvanized" wire otherwise they will assume you to the electrical aisle which is wrong. You'll want the hardware department as this wire is not meant to conduct electricity.

If this method becomes your preferred method, you might want to consider investing in 'bust or head sculpture to help shape your head and align wires without wearing it (because that gets difficult).  After getting used to this method you may want to also buy some cheap yarn and sew the plastic mesh to the wire frame while taking out the zip ties as you go.  In either case, enjoy using the economic and highly reproducible method.